Will you meet our Ghosts?!!!

Over the annals of time, there have been rumours that the museum might be haunted!


An article in the Totnes Times gave examples of paranormal experiences that people who had recently been to the Museum have felt, heard and seen...


Are you brave enough to step over the threshold?

If you are, then let us know about your experiences so we can let the paranormal groups investigate... 


Ground Floor - The Passage, Reception and Bennet Rooms


People often get a feeling of seasickness or waves. This could be to do with the ship's mast around which the spiral staircase is built, or the fact of it being an inn for a good part of its history, in a town that traded primarily by river and sea routes.

The First Floor - The Forehall, Pharmacy & Nursery

The Forehall

The ghost of man in the Forehall is imposing and can be unpleasant. Sometimes even swear words come up!

Psychics feel a presence of fear around him, though not necessarily being scared themselves.

The Nursery


Cats push around people's legs, in the Nursery, Babbage Room and sometimes the Kitchen too.

The Top Floor - The Mitchell & Babbage Rooms


The presence of children can be felt in the kitchen.

As well as at the very top of the Museum in the Babbage Room. Occasionally in the Forehall too.


Did you experience anything unusual on your visit to our Museum? let us know about your experiences here...


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  • Annonymous (Wednesday, June 29 16 10:25 am BST)

    We felt like children were watching us in the kitchen.

Read the article in The Totnes Times

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