The Second Floor

Mitchell Room

Up staircase again and on the left you'll find the Mitchell Room.


Here we have objects on display which illustrate the history of Totnes through industry and trade. These include the wool trade, clock making, cider making, the town's timber yard and a reproduction of a tailors shop window.

Who knows, you may even encounter one of our resident ghosts in there too



The Victorian Shop

Here you will find a reproduction of a Victorian shop with items often found sold during the period on display within.



Babbage Room

Charles Babbage, the father of modern computing, once was a student at King Edward VI Grammar School in Totnes.


As a result, this exhibition aims to highlight his many inventive ideas as well as his famous 'difference engine'. These include this cow catcher, the percursor of the flashing light-house and ophthalmoscope, amongst many other inventive original concepts.


Furthermore, this room also looks at STEM activity in Totnes through the years too.



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70 Fore Street,



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