The Ground Floor

The Reception

This area would have originally been the merchant's shop. However, currently the Reception and Giftshop.


You will be hard pressed to miss our fantastic loom on display here as well as a our rather wonderful turret clock and bells.


If you want the museum to come alive for your children, please ask our volunteers for a quiz sheet. We have both the "Hunt the Mouse" & "Find the Artifact". We will leave it to you to tell them about our resident ghosts or not too!



Bennett Room

In the Bennett room are various items on display which illustrate the history of Totnes.


On permenant display is the very special Lee Ring, from which the Museum taks it's logo. This ring also has a twin which can be found in the V&A in London. 


Another permenant display are examples various seals and early coins minted in the town over the past 1,000 years, including one from the reign of King Canute!


You will also find on of our temporary exhibitions taking place in this room. Many fascinating displays having been put on here.


Watch this space for upcoming changes...


The Passageway

In the passageway there is an display of photographs with the kind permission of Totnes Image Bank which show the development of the town's commercial river traffic from when Totnes was just a settlement by a ford crossing the River Dart.


Additionally, there are some rather fantastic examples of old port toll boards on display too.


Watch this space for upcoming changes too!



The Kitchen

The Kitchen is down the stairs from the gallery, complete with examples of Tudor foods and kitchen equipment.


Get up close to some of the reproductions of foods and see what the old dishes and kitchenware looked like.



Totnes Museum,

70 Fore Street,



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