The First Floor

The Stairs

To go upstairs you will climb the 'Devon Pole Staircase', wooden winding stairs around a central pole which runs from the ground floor to the roof. 

We think this pole was originally once the mast of a man of war!



The Forehall

This room would have been the main living room for the merchant and his family.


The room houses an outstanding collection of Jacobean furniture and furnishings. These include a splendid Jacobean tester bed and chests.


Just off the fore hall is the Garde Robe, an en-suite wardrobe and Elizabethan loo.


An interesting collection in the form of a Victorian-style pharmacy.


Take a look at the interesting collection of original bottles that would have contained Victorian pills and potions.




The Nursery

Now it is used to display many of our items connected with childhood. There are dolls, toys, school furniture, and a variety of Victoriana. 


There is also a rack of dressing up clothes and a colouring table.



The Gallery

Currently this area has displays of archaeological finds from the area and image displays from Totnes Image Bank.


Follow along the gallery and head down the stairs to explore the Kitchen.



Totnes Museum,

70 Fore Street,



TQ9  5RU

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