Access Information:


The museum is halfway up a hill which becomes steeper once you pass the Museum and through the Eastgate arch. The pavements follow the original design of the medieval town and are narrow.

There is access for wheelchairs on the ground floor where the shop, reception and  Bennett Room which houses the rotational exhibition are situated.


There are stairs to two upper floors and one lower floor. The stairs, built around a ships mast,  are circular, steep and triangular in shape, but wide on the outside of the step. There is a rope handrail but care needs to be taken both in ascending and descending.

 They give access to the first and second floors. Access to the kitchen at the rear of the main building is along a gallery, but then descends to the ground level on a sort but steep staircase.
The Floors are mainly original and are uneven with steps in and out of some of the rooms and galleries.


The museum garden can be accessed by using the passageway at the side of the museum. Wheelchairs can access the passageway and reach the garden but there are some steps to reach the garden.


The museum is a Grade 1 building, which restricts our ability to make changes. Though our aim is to improve and develop the museum for visitors who cannot access the house. Any feedback is welcome.



Current Facilities

  • Museum volunteers are able to assist and welcome visitors
  • Some volunteers are able to provide information about the collections on the upper floors
  • There are leaflets available for additional information
  • There is seating available in some galleries
  • There are some open displays where handling objects is encouraged
  • There is a herb garden at the rear of the museum garden which can be accessed by using the passageway at the side of the museum. Wheelchairs can access the passageway but there are some steps to reach the garden.
  • Research facilities are available at the Archive Centre
  • Access to collections in store are available by request
  • Visits from adult and school groups are encouraged and facilitated. There is a small charge of £1 per person in arranged groups.

There is a proposal to develop an interactive audio-visual exhibit during 2020 season in the reception area. This will be aimed at those visitors who are unable to access the Museum, to experience both the Elizabethan house and the museum Collection.




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